Simone Maddix is a certified Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute, a leading player in the human potential industry. This company now with a global reach was founded in 2002 and is based in Scottdale, Arizona. With their vast support, Simone is helping clients like you create winning teams, enhance productivity, improve their bottom lines and fulfill their boldest dreams.

It is her joy that she has been able to turn her passion into a business. "Mind Wealth Coaching" helps people live happier, healthier and more abundant lives. Some in her growing circle of influence are getting to know her as a wonderfully effective Executive Coach  possessing the right combination of belief in their potential for greatness, clarity around their problems and expertise to help them change for much better results. Others are beginning to value her for the wealth of value that she offers in one -to -one sessions as an Individual Coach.

Simone has excelled in the legal field for the past twenty-five (25) years. She is a former Legal Officer, Private Practitioner steeped in conveyancing, real estate deals and corporate governance and a former Judge of civil, criminal and family courts. Simone was also the chairperson of her Judge's Association's Wellness Committee as well as an Ethics Trainer of their Judicial Education Institute. Ms. Maddix has returned to private legal practice independently once again and is a Professionally Accredited Corporate Secretary (PACS). She is also particularly skilled to address self-image, attitude and decision-making.

This Best-Seller Author of Self-Care Secrets: 10 Poems Plus Free Action-Guide To Move You from Hurt to Hopeful in a Matter of Minutes, is a deeply growth and goal-oriented person with much zeal to help others realize their dreams. If you would like to create lasting positive changes in your life or within your organization, and are ready to live beyond mere hope or wish, contact Simone, now.